Welcome to AddOnMail Newsletter - September 2009

In this issue:

i) PSTStation v2.6.1
ii) BackUpMyFolder V1.3.1
iii) Next!


i)   PSTStation v2.6.1


We have the pleasure to introduce you the new version of PSTStation 2.6.1, which is still you favorite tool to manage, maintain, repair and backup PST files.

 What’s new in version 2.6.1:

  • Improved Backup
  • Bug Fixing

For more information on PSTStation Desktop, please visit our website.

To download a trial version of PSTStation V2.6.1, click here.


Also available:

Take a look to PSTStation Corporate V3.0: The best solution to audit, reconcile, repair, protect, backup or archive PST files of your organization.

PSTStation Corporate V3.0 includes:

  • Automatic detection of all PST files on workstations, corporate files servers, even laptops from a single location
  • Over 40 types of reports on detected PST
  • Reconcile orphan PSTs with their original owner even if renamed or copied or detached from a profile
  • Process PST files even if Outlook® is open on remote workstation
  • Interface with IBM Content Collector and other major products for archiving, recording and e-Discovery
  • High performance detection and action thanks to AddOnMail own readPST API
  • Access control and repair of corrupted PSTs with AddOnMail own optional tools

For more information on PSTStation Corporate, please visit our website.

To download a trial version of PSTStation Corporate V3.0, click here.


ii)   BackUpMyFolder! V1.3.1


We have the pleasure to introduce you the new version of BackupMyFolder! 1.3.1 which lets you easily backup your personal folders in Outlook.

 What’s new in version 1.3.1:

  • French language
  • Manual backup from Outlook (Backup now menu)
  • Command line backup
  • Bug fixing
  • pre-Windows 7 supported

BackUpMyFolder is still free! You can download it on our website, just click here.


iii)   Next!


Will be released in November 2009


PSTStation Corporate 3.1

  • Windows 7 support
  • Vista 64 bits
  • Support of multiple scans with history
  • Rapid scan option
  • New GUI for scan
  • SMTP notification when PSTs oversize
  • More filters for Users/Groups view


  • e-Discovery job! 


Just a few words on the future e-Discovery job: it will allow authorized people to search for specific emails directly in PSTs files, wherever there are stored. It will search through local PST files stored on desktops as well as through PSTs stored on file shared servers. Then, you will not need to fetch all your PST’ content in a temporary repository before running an e-Discovery process. This will save you time, space and money.


PSTStation 2.7

  • Windows 7 support
  • Vista 64 bits


BackupMyFolder 1.4

  • Windows 7 support
  • Vista 64 bits
  • History for incremental backup
  • Languages supported (English, French, Spanish)


For more information, please contact AddOnMail by phone at +33 1 40 83 80 93 or by email at sales@addonmail.com


That's all for this issue. We hope you will enjoy using and testing our plugins and as always do not hesitate to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

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