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In this issue:

i) PSTStation Corporate v3.1
ii) Next release


i)   PSTStation Corporate v3.1


As it includes a powerful scanning feature that detects PST files across your corporate network and because it processes opened Outlook .PST files, PSTStation Corporate is the best solution to know where your PSTs are and to backup or archive them from a central location.

 What’s new in version 3.1:


  • Fast scan: Basic scans do not need to open PST files any more. Then a server with several thousands of PST files can be scanned in less than 30 min!
  • Multiples scans history: Users will be able to run the same scan several times without losing the results of the previous scans.

Users & Groups:

  • New filtering options: for users and groups
  • Users and groups are now consolidated continuously as soon as a new object is detected on the network


  • PST size monitoring: New job to define a maximum PST size per user, group or PST. A definable notification is sent to the administrator and/or the owner if the PST reaches a definable size threshold
  • SMTP notification: Oversize notification can be sent by email


  • Windows 7 supported
  • New general tree view
  • Additional nodes for backup, archiving, compactionl
  • View improved to surf more easily trough the jobs
  • New job wizard: Job wizard has been redesigned to make it easier

For more information on PSTStation Corporate, please visit our website.

To download a trial version of PSTStation Corporate V3.1, click here.


ii)   Next release


 BackUpMyFolder! V1.4 - December 2009

BackupMyFolder! 1.4 will be released early in December and still lets you easily backup your personal folders in Outlook

 New features:

  • Windows 7 support
  • Vista 64bits
  • New language: Spanish
  • History for Incremental Backup


 PSTStation V2.7 - February 2010

 New features:

  • Windows 7 support
  • Vista 64bits
  • New GUI


 PSTStation Corporate V3.2 - April 2010

 New features:

  • Search Engine
  • New email format supported (Detection of Mozilla/Thunderbird files)
  • LDAP Support and reconciliation
  • Save, hold and export feature
  • Indexing option for backup/archive
  • e-Discovery job for Outlook PSTs!


Just a few words about the future e-Discovery job: it will allow authorized people to search for specific emails directly in PST files, wherever there are stored. It will search through local PST files stored on desktops as well as through PSTs stored on file shared servers. Then, you will NOT need to fetch all your PST’s content in a temporary repository before running an e-Discovery process. This will save you time, space and money.


For more information, please contact AddOnMail by phone at +33 1 40 83 80 93 or by email at sales@addonmail.com


That's all for this issue. We hope you will enjoy using and testing our plugins and as always do not hesitate to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

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