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I. PSTStation Corporate v3.1.2
II. Next version (v3.1.3): April 2010


I. PSTStation Corporate v3.1.2


  • Scan & Detect improvements

When you select Advanced, you can now choose 'Direct file access' to scan your remote server without using WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation).

This option is really faster than WMI. You can now scan 200 GB of PST files in less than 2 hours through your corporate network as well as very large PST files.


  • How to backup Outlook® PST files stored on VIPs' laptops?

The biggest problem for laptop is that the computer is not always connected to the corporate network. Thus, it cannot be backed up like other workstations, for instance outside opening hours. And when it is connected, usually, Microsoft Outlook® is in use and PST files are locked.

That is why we are introducing the concepts of registered computers and BackupOnDemand that will help IT departments to easily save the PST files stored on VIPs' laptops.

With Registered computers, a laptop can now notify a PSTStation Server that it is connected to the corporate network and that the computer is ready to backup.

Once registered, a computer receives its backup commands from the server and backs up local PST files to any other location on the network. It uses AddOnMail's incremental backup algorithm to save only new messages that have been stored in the PSTs.

Thanks to PSTStation Client, our solution can save opened PST files even if Microsoft Outlook® is running on remote laptops.


II. Next version (v3.1.3): April 2010


Next release of PSTStation Corporate® will include a nice “move and update profiles” feature that will allow customers to move or copy their PST files to a new location on the network and change remote Outlook’s profiles to reflect the new path of the PSTs.

Based on new OnDemand capabilities introduced for 3.1.2, changes will apply either immediately or at next workstation’s boot and without any end-user action.

This new feature will help IT departments who need to consolidate data servers on which PST files are stored, as well as customers who want to archive PST files on a backend location and detach PST from default Outlook’s profile.


For more information on PSTStation Corporate®, please visit Our website

To download a trial version of PSTStation Corporate® V3.1.2, Click Here


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