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I. PSTStation Corporate® v3.1.3
II. Next version (v3.2): July 2010 (beta)


I. PSTStation Corporate® v3.1.3


  • New "Move And Update" job

A new Move and Update job is now available and enables administrators to move PST files from one location to another, and automatically update remote Outlook profiles with the new location path.

This new feature will help IT departments who need to consolidate data servers on which are stored PST files, as well as customers who want to archive PST files on a backend location and/or detach PST from default Outlook's profile.


  • Backup password protected PSTs files

With this new feature, you can now read any PST file which is password protected, remove the password or create a new PST with a pre-defined password.

You can also get the information whether the PST is password protected or not from the scan results in Users & Groups views.


  • Create custom backup directories based on %COMPUTERNAME% and %OWNERPST%

You can now include different tags like %OWNERPST% and %COMPUTERNAME% when configuring the destination directory in a backup job (for instance, \\backupserver\users\%OWNERPST%\ArchiveBackup\).


For more information about PSTStation Corporate®, please visit our website.

To download a trial version of PSTStation Corporate® v3.1.3, click here.


II. Next version (v3.2): July 2010 (beta)


Next release of PSTStation will be a great version as it will include a lot of new features.

PSTStation Corporate® will include connections with two major archiving repositories: Exchange® 2010 from Microsoft© and M+ArchiveTM from Messaging ArchitectsTM.

This will help IT departments to smartly move their PSTs from any location to these two archiving and e-discovery products.



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