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I. PSTStation Corporate® v3.2
II. Next versions


I. PSTStation Corporate® v3.2


  • Full PSTs archiving with M+Archive repository
  • PSTStation CorporateŽ now includes a new repository to archive your PSTs in the well known archiving server M+Archive (Messaging Architects). This will help organizations archive users PST content on an external storage and give them access to archived messages through Microsoft Outlook Web Access.

    It is now possible to eliminate PSTs from your organization at an acceptable cost.
    Contact us at sales@addonmail.com to find out about licensing costs.


  • eDiscovery on PSTs with M+Analytics
  • PSTStation CorporateŽ now connects to M+Analytics (Messaging Architects) to help organizations run their compliance and eDiscovery processes on local and remote PSTs. Through M+Analytics, legal advisors or security chief officers can run context-based searches on PST content, hold found messages or export them in XML or PST format.


  • Other updates

  • Logon password management

  • PSTStation CorporateŽ users can now define a password to run PSTStation GUI. This enables organizations to completely secure the management of their PSTs by controlling access to PSTStation CorporateŽ jobs and data.

  • X509 Secure communication between client and server

  • This new feature helps large organizations prevent in-house hackers from using a shadow PSTStation CorporateŽ server to retrieve information on users PSTs.
    Based on X509 certificates, each connection between a PSTStation CorporateŽ client and PSTStation CorporateŽ is completely authenticated and secured.

  • Management of deleted messages in backup PST

  • Backup jobs now include a "manage deleted items" option that enables deleting messages in backup PSTs when the original message has been deleted in source PST.
    This new option helps PSTStation CorporateŽ administrators create and maintain mirror copies of source PSTs.

For more information about PSTStation Corporate®, please visit our website.

To download a trial version of PSTStation Corporate® v3.2, click here.


II. Next versions


  • 3.2.1 will be released in November 2010

  • Global statistics on PSTs

    With global statistics calculated on organizational PSTs, IT managers will get high value figures on what PSTs store (total number of messages, messages with attachments and so on). Duplication rate on messages and attachments are also available.


  • 3.2.2 will be released on Q1 2011

  • TSM connector

    With this new repository available in backup job, organizations will be able to include all PSTStation CorporateŽ capabilities like incremental backup in their standard backup/restore infrastructure based on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.


    Compression will include new capabilities like compressing attachments inside PST. This will help IT Manager save space on their live PST storage system as well as on their backup storage system.


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