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MP*Print® 1.7
You want to print incoming emails with different rules to select printers. Or you want to add extra criteria Based on extensions ? Do it with MP*Print, a powerful addin for Outlook® Rules Wizard

MP*Print, the best solution for full control when printing your emails

Print your email automatically with a powerful plugin for the Outlook® rules wizard

MP*Print adds powerful rules to automate email printing with Outlook®.

You configure MP*Print through the standard, well known, Outlook® Rules Wizard, and you can add new criteria to customize printing based on attachments.

MP*Print also lets you select different printers for selected type of documents or even parts of a message, i.e. a specific printer for graphic files or one for the main part of the message and another for the attachments.

E-mails are printed with forms and can easily be customized to include specific organization items such as logos or disclaimers.

Attachments are printed with the correct application (ie Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, Adobe Acrobat®, ...) as well as custom applications (print command must be available).

> Key points Top
  • Printer selection for emails body and attachements
  • Extensions inclusions/exclusions
  • Fully integrated in Outlook® rules Wizard

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Outlook® 200x
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