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Efficient solutions to reorganize email data
Large organizations using Exchange® and Outlook® have been facing the problem of PST files management for a long time. Even if the eventual goal is to get rid of PST files, an interim strategy must be put in place to preserve the data contained in these files.

Another headache is the enormous increase of average PST files size since Outlook® 2007. IT managers need to build and run efficient solutions to reorganize this data, decrease their storage cost and simplify backup or archiving..

All the while accomodating various kind of users and usage, from standard users with a fixed workstation to mobile users and VIPs.

Standard backup systems have no good solutions to handle these PST files, wherever they are stored. AddOnMail has designed PSTStation Corporate to help large organizations to better manage high volumes of PST files. Many built-in features will help IT managers to save PSTs space, move to low cost data storage or archive PSTs content.

> Optimizing PST data space on files shared servers Top
PSTStation includes a built-in compaction feature that can be run on any shared file server that stores PST files. The product uses the standard compaction algorithm included in Microsoft Outlook® and guarantees that the integrity of any message or item stored in the PST will be preserved.

The job can be run remotely from any computer on the network on shared file servers as well as PST files stored on workstations.

By using a multi-threading design, PSTStation can process several PSTs of the same time in the same directory and/or on  different servers.

Finally, PSTStation built-in monitoring can check the size of PSTs and warn IT administrators and users when a PST goes over a preset thereshold size.

> Moving and consolidating PSTs to another location Top
In version 3.1.3, we introduced a very convenient feature that will allow IT managers to rearrange storage to consolidate PSTs or to move them to a new low cost storage.

A moving and update job can handle several thousands of PSTs, move them to the new location and automatically update remote Outlook® profiles to reflect the new location. All the processes can be run in batch mode with no actions needed on the client side.

The solution is agentless and can be run immediately.

As for all other jobs, the process can be multi-threaded, reducing dramatically the time needed to move GBs of PSTs from one location to another.

> Automatic configuration backup jobs Top
When a large organization has a large number of workstations or laptops to manage, updating the list of individual computer to backup or archive can become rapidly tedious and time consuming.

To solve that problem, AddOnMail has introduced the concept of Registered computers by which a computer registers itself against a PSTStation server and gives its PST configuration. IT administrators always have an up-to-date list of all computers included in a backup or archive job.

In relation with the registered computer concept, PSTStation offers a new type of jobs, called OnDemand jobs. By using such jobs, for instance for backup, new users will automatically be included in the backup process. In the same way, a user who leaves the company will automatically be removed from the list and no longer backed up.

> Handling VIP's laptops Top
With Registered computers and BackupOnDemand concepts, PST files on VIPs laptops can now be saved in a smart mode. The biggest problem with PSTs stored on laptops is that the computer is not always connected to the corporate network and when it is connected, usually, Outlook® is open and PST files are in use.

To solve this problem, IT Managers can now use PSTSTation's Registered computers feature to detect when the laptop connects to the corporate network and starts the backup even if the remote PST file is in use. Thanks to its incremental backup process, PSTStation will save only the new messages and will thus reduce the volume of data saved from the laptop.

> Help for desktop helpdesk Top
Messaging problems and usage of messaging clients like Outlook® are the most common calls that helpdesks have to manage.

As desktop support helpdesk has sometimes no means or rights to take control of  the remote workstation, Outlook® usage problems often become time consuming or unsolveable. To help desktop support engineers, PSTStation offers a great Scan and Detect feature that will help them get all needed information about remote Outlook® configuration. Within a minute, by simply entering the IP address of the remote workstation, the support engineer will obtain the version of Outlook® the user is running, PST organization and other important Outlook® parameters and details (size, last access, password protected, whether the PST registered in the user's profile is stored on a remote server). It also retrieves workstations properties such as the serial number, which can be helpful when calling manufacturer's support in case of a hardware failure.

See more on PSTStation Corporate product page.

> Benefits for large companies Top
  • Optimize PST storage on workstations and shared file servers
  • Reduce backup plans management with auto registration process
  • Handle PST backup for VIPs laptops
  • Reduce storage costs for PSTs by moving to new low cost storage devices
  • Smoothly move to PST archiving
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